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Upgrade path

I currently have CSPM 2.3.3i on an NT server workstation. Does anyone know what I need to do to move the OS to Win2k? Do I need a new version of CSPM ? do I need to purchase a new product called Cisco Works VPN security Manager?


New Member

Re: Upgrade path

CSPM2.3.3i cannot run on Win2K. If you want to move to Win2K you will need to purchase VMS 2.1 and install the Management Console / Monitoring Centre for IDS.

FYI Included in VMS is CSPM 3.xf that is used for managing routers and PIX. This version now supports Win2K. It cannot be used for managing the IDS.

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Re: Upgrade path

That's not entirely true. CSPM2.3.3i can run on Win2K, I've run it on a Win2K box. I do remember having to get past some obstacles in order to get it working. However, it's been several years now and I don't recall what those obstacles were.

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Re: Upgrade path

Is the version of CSPM 2.3.3i or 2.3.3f?

Cisco Employee

Re: Upgrade path

2.3.3i is for managing IDS sensors, therefore the i in the name.

2.3.3f is for managing PIX Firewalls, therefor has the f in the name.

2.3.3i is only supported on Windows NT 4.0. It has not been tested on Win2K.

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