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Upgrade PIX520 ver 4.4(2) to ver 6.3.1

I have a question about the upgrade:

where can i find a boothelperfile to upgrade my 4 pixes520 from version 4.4.2 to version 6.3.1 whitout first to install a other version.

i need this that the downtime of the pixes not to long.

i have tested it here in my office and i dont find a boothelperfile on cisco-side.

the steps are all clear to me and the way works in the office..

but i have to install the new ramboard and the new software..aand this need to much time with more the 3 upgrades.

i hope anybody can help me



New Member

Re: Upgrade PIX520 ver 4.4(2) to ver 6.3.1

Hi Klaus,

You will find all the boot helper file in the following link.*&file_delimiter=contains&file_pattern=&list_format=html

If you cannot access it with CCO login , please do let me know your email address I will post it for you.



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Re: Upgrade PIX520 ver 4.4(2) to ver 6.3.1

Hello Sujit,

thx for the replay..i have access to this files but i don't find a boothelper for

for ver631.I have tested here with bh53 and the result was that i can copy via tftp a pix631.bin.My problem is that i have for the change not enough time to take this steps.what i need is a boothelperfile bh63 so that i can directly upgrade the pix to 6.3.1.this firewalls are our productive maschines so the downtime must be short as posible.

here in my lab i have tested this with a pix520..

move out the rack,opening and install the new ram-card test that the card is ok

close the pix move it back in the rack upgrade ver4.4.2 to ver532 reboot checking the config then copy via tftp ver6.3.1 reboot and i lost the config.

copy the config back over tftp reboot and check the config.install the cable and last check that the config is working takes for me more then 60min.

this is in the most cases to long for our company so i must find a solution that not takes longer than 30min.

thanks for help



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