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Upgrading ASA 5510 from 8.0.4 to 8.2.5

We want to implement Netflow so want to upgrade our 5510 to 8.2.5. But have a few questions.

This device has 64MB of flash and 256MB of DRAM. Would I need to upgrade RAM? Right now we have about 25 site to site VPNs running through this thing as well as a few remote clients. Is this enough to constitute a memory upgrade?

Right now we are running ASDM 6.4.7. Should we upgrade to a higher version?

And lastly, would the upgrade to 8.2.5 require the use of AnyConnect for our VPN client users? Our 5505 is on version 8.2.5 and doesn't require AnyConnect, but wanted to make sure.

Thank you for your time.


Upgrading ASA 5510 from 8.0.4 to 8.2.5

Hi Michael,

The RAM upgrade is needed if you want to go to 8.3+ code. Although you might find that you are running low on RAM and that will impact your ability to run packet captures, so an upgrade doesn't hurt...

ASDM can be upgraded seperately and does not require a reboot + new ASDM versions are backwards compatible with older ASA codes...

ASA 8.0(4)

ASDM 6.1(3) and later.Recommended: 7.1(4).

ASA 8.2(5)

ASDM 6.4(3) and later.Recommended: 7.1(4).

Although the Cisco VPN Client is eol and the replacement is AnyConnect, you are not forced to go that direction in any code...


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Upgrading ASA 5510 from 8.0.4 to 8.2.5


I agree with Patrick that a memory upgrade may be helpful but is not required to upgrade to 8.2.5.

If you upgrade the ASA code to a new version you will need to also upgrade the version of ASDM.

The type and version of VPN client that you are using on 8.0.4 should also work on 8.2.5.



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