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Upgrading from v3.x

Can I upgrade a sensor running version 3.x directly to 4.1?? Is there a recommended URL for procedures on performing the upgrade??

Cisco Employee

Re: Upgrading from v3.x

To go from 3.x to 4.x requires you to boot from a Upgrade/Recovery CD.

The Upgrade/Recovery CD will reformat the sensor's hard drive and load a new Linux based OS.

Depending on the platform you may also need to swap interface cables, or add more memmory.

The Upgrade/Recovery CD can be ordered through the Product Upgrade Tool free of charge to users who have kept up with their service contracts on the sensors.

You will receive both the latest 3.1 Upgrade/Recovery CD as well as the latest 4.1 Upgrade/Recovery CD.

If you have not kept up with your service contracts you will either need to nenew your service contract or purchase the Upgrade/Recovery CD at additional cost.

The instructions for re-imaging with the Upgrade/Recovery CD can then be found here:

NOTE: When upgrading from 3.x to 4.x you will need to do the following:

For IDS-4235 and IDS-4250 upgrade the BIOS

For IDS-4220 and IDS-4230 swap the command and control and sniffing interfaces.

For IDS-4210 and IDS-4220 upgrade the memmory (memmory upgrades are also available through the Product Upgrade Tool free of charge for users with service contracts).

For more information look at this guide for your specific platform:

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Re: Upgrading from v3.x

Is this the same procedure for the WS-X6381-IDS or does an upgrade require a new blade all together?

Cisco Employee

Re: Upgrading from v3.x

Unfortunately the WS-X6381-IDS does not support the version 4.x software. There are differences in the architecture of the hardware that prevent it from running the 4.x software.

You will need to upgrade to the IDSM-2 to run version 4.x.

Because of the need to upgrade the hardware, Cisco has been offering a sizeable amount for the tradein. You will receive $10,000 off the price of the IDSM-2 when upgrading from the IDSM-1 (WS-X6381-IDS). This is on top of any additional discounts that you may receive normally. This is a one time offer because of the need to upgrade the hardware to run the newer version.

The upgrade program is detailed more in the "IDSM-2 for the Catalyst 6500 -- IDSM1 Comparisons" Power Point presentation on CCO. Look half way down this link to see this presentation:

On slide 12 you will see the statement about the $10,000 trade-in.

You will see that the final date is Dec, 2003 (last week). If you act now, they may still let you get in on the discount.

The IDSM-2 runs the same 4.x software as the standalone appliances, and has over 5 times the monitoring capacity of the original IDSM-1.

The IDSM-1 signature updates will be stopping in just a few months, so act quickly to complete your upgrade before time runs out.

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Re: Upgrading from v3.x


where are the procedures for upgrading the newly imaged sensor from 4.1.47 to 4.1.3.s62?

Can you provide alink to this information?



Cisco Employee

Re: Upgrading from v3.x

These upgrade procedures are included in the readme files for the associated updates.

In your situation, to get to the latest signature version you will need to install:

1) IDS-K9-sp-4.1-3-S61.rpm.pkg

(Read IDS-sp-4.1-3-S61.readme.txt for installation instructions)


2) IDS-sig-4.1-3-S65.rpm.pkg

(Read IDS-sig-4.1-3-S65.readme.txt for installation instructions)

Ugrades can be downloaded from:

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