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Upgrading memory on failover pair

I need to upgrade the memory on our PIX 515 active-standby failover pair in order to upgrade to 7.2.1...I am intending on:

Powering off standby

Upgrade RAM

Power up standby, let it resync.

Fail primary so standby becomes active

Power down primary

Upgrade RAM in primary

Power up primary, force failover back (no preempt).

Does this sound sensible?

Also, I'm upgrading from 6.3 to 7.2.1 - does anyone know of a tool that you can run your config through to pick up potential issues? I've been through the guide and I think everything's going to be OK, but I've heard that you can also do this.

Thank you!



Re: Upgrading memory on failover pair

Your memory upgrade plan should be working fine as the same method can be applied to upgrade images for PIX in failover pair as well.

Within Cisco, there is a tool called Output Interpreter. But you need to have CCO login to access it. You can paste your running/startup config and see the recommendations. But not all of it (the recommendations) suite your environment, and yet, still a useful tool.



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Re: Upgrading memory on failover pair

Thanks for your response AK, it's good to know that it should work. I'm not sure about using this for the IOS upgrade too - surely you shouldn't sync the pair until they're both upgraded?

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