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upgrading OS on PIX question

If I preload a new OS on a PIX, with intentions on booting it at a later time, does the new OS I copy onto it disturb the functionality of the PIX before its rebooted? In other words, will the PIX know it has the new version on it until it is reloaded, and will it continue to operate normally?

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Re: upgrading OS on PIX question

The PIX will continue to use the previously loaded version of ios until you decide to reboot it.

As long as all the commands and syntax are acceptable to the newer version all will be OK.

The only problem that I have had is that version 6.3.3 does not like the underscore character to be used in the hostname of the device. You can use it in the names of you access-lists though.

Have fun


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Re: upgrading OS on PIX question

Make sure to take a copy of the "Activation Key" prior to reload in case of any issues.

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Re: upgrading OS on PIX question

Thank you. good idea about the activation key.

steven: our firewall does have underscores in the name, when you say that 6.3(3) doesn't like it, what exactly is its behavior?

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