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Upgrading pix 515 from 4.4 version

Hi, I'm in the need of upgrading a Pix 515 ver. 4.4 to the last OS version (6.2). Does anyone know of any issue about an upgrade from such an old version?

Also I would like to save the activation key before proceeding but I can't find any way to display it from the 4.4 command line (neither "show actkey" nor "show serial" nor "show version" work for this version...).

Please can anyone help me?




Re: Upgrading pix 515 from 4.4 version

Yes, contact cisco to confirm the version numbers but when I did it they told me to upgrade to 5.3 first, then up to 6.x.

See instructions on how to upgrade a 4.4 (boot to monitor mode etc.):

There is a small section on the activation key as well.

Hoep it helps.


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Re: Upgrading pix 515 from 4.4 version

Thanks a lot Steve but the document expains how to upgrade an activation key, not how to retain my old one.

I guess retaining the existing one is the default but I still would like to save my activation key before proceeding with upgrade (you never know) and still have no idea of how to displaying it on version 4.4 ...

Did your upgrade go all right anyway?


Re: Upgrading pix 515 from 4.4 version

Yes the upgrade went with no issues (many times). Not sure about the key, I wouldn't worry about it though, it will keep the same key and will work with no issues.


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