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Upgrading problem of CSPM

Can I use a client machine, which is installed with CSPM-2.3.3i client, to update the signatures of the CSPM server? Actually, is the signatures' file stored in the server machine only, or both machines?

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Re: Upgrading problem of CSPM

You will want to use your server machine to push signature updates to your sensor(s). The signature file is only stored on the server and not the client machine.

When we post updates for the sensors, we will also post an update for CSPM, which will update the signatures on the CSPM box. This will allow you to match the Signature Version for the sensor with the signature loaded on the sensor.

For the CSPM box to push signature updates and configs to a sensor it must have an Established connection to the sensor, which is done through the PostOffice protocol running on a sensor and a CSPM box. When you install a client, it will not be running the PostOffice protocol or have a connection to the sensor, as such, the client PC will not be able to update the signatures on the sensor.

A little long winded, but it still boils down to, no, you cannot push signature updates to a sensor from a client in a Client-Server configuration.



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