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Upload startup-config to PIX tftp

I'm trying in vain to upload access-list changes I've made to a startup-config file for a PIX 515 (version 6.3(4).

I can't use the copy command at all. When I add a tftp-server line and try "write net startup-config" doesn't work.

I go into "config terminal" and then "configure network" seems to merge the startup-config file on the tftp server and the running-config on the pix. I then get loads of errors. It adds the acl's to the running-config but appends them to the end of the acl list instead of the order in the tftp startup-config.

So how can I upload the tftp startup-config and replace the startup-config on the pix?

I did see a suggestion to:

conf t

conf net

and add "clear configure all" to the top of the startup-config.

I'm a bit afraid to do there a better way.

I picture scenarios where it completely wipes out the config...oh and I'm doing this via ssh.


Re: Upload startup-config to PIX tftp

Why don't you just modify the ACL in the running and write the running to startup? If you use the line attribute you can insert an ACE into the ACL where ever you need.

Show access-list acl_name (shows line #)

access-list acl_out line line_number permit .....

Write Erase - Deletes startup-config

Write Mem - Writes running to startup

If you copy to the startup before clearing it I believe it will merge it. Can have not good outcome.

Copy from tftp server to flash:

copy tftp[:[[//location][/pathname]]] flash[:[image | pdm]]

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