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Use windows XP to route voip with cisco vpn client

We use a cisco vpn concentrator here to allow our staff to work from home over a vpn connection.

The situation has come up where one employee needs to work at home for an extended time and I would like to set her up with an VOIP phone. We currently only use VOIP phones internally and I would rather not open up ports in our firewall to our phone system.

The idea came up to just have her Windows XP workstation route the VOIP traffic over its VPN connection once that was established. I have made some attempt to do this without luck.

Has anyone out there attempted to do this? I have tried this:

This is the setup:

o - user is on a dsl broadband connection

o - Host is running windows xp pro

o - one nic card in the workstation connected to an ethernet port on the dsl router

o - host is configured with a static ip address and the default gateway is the DSL modem

o - phone is connected to a port on the dsl router

o - phone has a static ip address and default gateway is the XP host's ip address

o - routing has been enabled on windows xp workstation

[ cloud ]


[dsl router]



| |

[workstation 1] [ip phone or workstation 2]


Virtual IP

After starting up the cisco vpn client I can ping hosts in the office on from workstation 1 but not from the ip phone (or workstation 2).

Any idea what I am doing wrong?



New Member

Re: Use windows XP to route voip with cisco vpn client

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