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UserRegistrationTool and LDAP

Hi all,

I am testing Cisco Secure User Registration Tool (URT) for use with LDAP.

I can successfull add a LDAP server (Windows 2000 Active Directory).

Then the Administrative GUI requires a Initial DN.

Pressing button "Get Initial DN" results in no entry in the list.

Manual entry is also not succesfull: "The initial DN is incorrect on LDAP server".

Other LDAP tools are working fine with this LDAP server. They can automatically request the Initial DNs and they also work with a manual entered Initial DN.

Sniffing the LDAP packets and comparing between URT-GUI and other LDAP tools shows that there are some entries "Attribute Description" in LDAP Search Requests from all other tools but not in LDAP Search Requests from URT.

And the LDAP server responds on this LDAP Search Request from URT with a FIN ACK packet!!

Any idea?


Re: UserRegistrationTool and LDAP

Document 'Troubleshooting the User Registration Tool' might be of help. the document is available at

You should also be using URT Release 2.5. You could also refer to the 'Known and Resolved Problems' section of the document 'Release Notes for the Cisco Secure User Registration Tool Release 2.5 and the VLAN Policy Server', available at the URL

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