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Uses for CiscoWorks 2K


We now have CiscoWorks2K up and running (LAN Management version) and I was wondering what tasks do you think CW2K performs the best for you? Syslog analysis, asset management, config backup, mass config changes, etc. What do you use it for on a regular basis? Thanks for your insight.

andrew fanning

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Re: Uses for CiscoWorks 2K

cw2k is the greates thing since sliced bread. we use it for the administrative stuff. like changing configs, we changed our login banner on all our cisco devices in 3 mins. we used it to upgrade all of our swithces in mins. we also use it for keeping trach of config changes. when you make a change if you do not have a previous copy you may not be able to undo a change that has a negative impact. rme will keep up to the last 7 generations of changes. also you can use it for trouble shooting configs. you have the ability to compair two similar devices to see what the differences are. i know this is a long description. you can also setup templates and use it to reduce the time it takes to install and configure devices. simply put an ip address on it and push out the config.

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Re: Uses for CiscoWorks 2K

Thanks for the response!

We currently use it for most of what you listed, but the idea of a template has potential, and is not an idea we had thought of. Any hints on how to get started using templates? I'm assuming you do this by assigned the box an IP, then pushing the standard config to the appropriate box? Thanks for the useful suggestions.

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