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Using a Cisco client behind a Sonicwall firewall

I am wanting to use my cisco client 3.5 to access an authentication server on our customers network for administration duties.

I am using client 3.5 going through a Sonicwall Pro 300 firewall set for NAT and connecting to a 3005 concentrator which then authenticates the user via a a Radius Server.

I am able to authenticate from the client but am unable to use terminal services,vnc,telnet or even ping the destination server.

Where as when I use a dial-up connection via 3rd Party ISP I can authenticate and access the Radius server via terminal services etc etc.

I looked at the Sonicwall firewall to see if ipsec passthrough was available but unable to find it.

I find it strange that I can authenticate (establishing the tunnel) on my internal lan, but no do anything else.

I am assuming it has something to do with the sonicwall.

here is the path i am trying to achieve.

Cisco client-sonicwall-3005 concentrator-cygberguard firewall-authentication server.

Thanks in advance



Re: Using a Cisco client behind a Sonicwall firewall

Refer to the document at A number of problem associated with accessing network resources when connected via the VPN client are discussed there including the problem you are now facing.

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