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Using a pix on a standard broadband link

Guys I want to put a pix on my home broadband connection,Now I dont have a static IP, I dont mind changing some settings every now and again though. I wanted to use my pix to make a VPN into my office network. I know how to do this but I need to put an external IP on the pix. But I only know of 1 external ip, the one my router is getting from my ISP. Is it possible for me to get this up and running without having a static ip? and only having one external IP address? or should I use a cisco 837 router where I can config my vpn and the ADSL connection?


Re: Using a pix on a standard broadband link

use the ip address command with the dhcp and set route options.

you can then set up the pix as a dhcp SERVER for your internal network and it will pass the dns servers to your internal hosts.

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Re: Using a pix on a standard broadband link

you should be able to configure pix for a DHCP based ip.

if your office has dynamic crypto map configured for site to site then you will able to terminate the pix for VPN.

The pix can talk pppoe/pppoa. so that shouldn't be a problem.

you can also use DDNS for logging on to your desktop if you want over the net.

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