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Using a web database to control the Cisco Systems ASA 5510 VPN access lists


I am a last year student at a Finnish polytechnic and Im (hopefully) graduating soon with a bachelor's degree in business and administration. Im doing my thesis work for the school in relation to a Cisco Systems ASA 5510 and adapting it to manage user access to a laboratory network from the Internet.

I've been lucky enough to see Cisco Systems Netlab environment at work in another polytechnic here in Helsinki and this is the sort of thing Im interested in, though in a much smaller scale.

I've already constructed a small scale PHP/MySQL website/database for users to log in and to make reservations to use the class at certain times.

My question is related to this:

How would you go about creating the most secure possible way of transmitting user/timelists from a web database on to the Cisco Systems ASA 5510? What in your mind are the main risks involved and how to avoid them?

Wishing a merry christmas to you all,

Julius Tuomisto


Helsinki, Finland


Re: Using a web database to control the Cisco Systems ASA 5510 V

The secured way is to configure firewall and maintain the firewall.The users can be limited by authentication by the servers. The authentication is done by( CA)certificate authority for the web vpn server.

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