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Using Cisco VPN over Verizon DSL

A user at home has Verion DSL and tries to make a VPN connection to our PIX. It makes a connection but no data is passed to and from. I have other users who can connect with no problems so I've narrowed it down to her connection/PC. Talking to Verizon they said that the DSL software that's loaded make a VPN connection to Verizon. Can I create a VPN tunnel to my PIX through the VPN tunnel that it created to connect to Verizon?




Re: Using Cisco VPN over Verizon DSL

Typically, when the tunnel setup works fine but no data is transferred, a configuration error is to blame. You should check the access lists that specify what traffic should be tunneled across.


Re: Using Cisco VPN over Verizon DSL

If the verizon client (a PPPoE client, IIRC) was installed *after* the cisco vpn client, you might want to try reinstalling the cisco client. The pppoe client installs some stuff into the network stack, and the order might be out of whack.

You might want to try tweaking the MTU downward first - PPPoE has some overhead, IPSec does too. Combined, you might need to lower the MTU pass the normal setting that cisco's client install does. Has the user tried pinging an internal server? Regular windows pings are relatively small packets - they should work even in an environment where there is a MTU problem.

It does sound like you have done some troubleshooting - normally when it appears the connection is up, but no data flows, there is a problem with crypto access lists and disabling nat, but there probably isn't the problem here

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