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Using PFSS, and how the log files are created

I just started using PFSS, and so far it seems very helpful. My question is related to how the log files are created. It's been running for two days, and I now see a "Tuesday" and "Wednesday" log file. First question: next Tuesday will it overwrite the current tuesday log file, or will it just add the new information to the bottom of it? Second question, is there a way to tell the syslog service to build one big log file, without splitting it up over days? I'm considering using Sawmill, and it seems like it would be easiest if the log file was one file so I could tell Sawmill what file that is, and build the stats off that one file, instead of having 7 files. Any help/opinions are appreciated

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Re: Using PFSS, and how the log files are created

PFSS creates seven rotating syslog files monday.log, tuesday.log, wednesday.log, thursday.log, friday.log, saturday.log, and sunday.log. If a week has passed since the last log file was created, it will rename the old log file to day.mmddyy where day is the current day, mm is the month, dd is the day, and yy is the year. The size of a log file depends on how many connections can occur on each PIX Firewall and the types of messages you permit to be logged.

This URL should help you out:

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