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Using VLANs for firewall DMZs

We currently have two data centres, in each of which, a pair of Cat6k switches are located connected in a resilient, meshed architecture. Each of the switches has dual supervisors, dual power supplies and are all connected via diversely routed private fibres.

We are to introduce a high-availability Internet infrastructure design, where two new firewalls, one at each data centre, are to be added. We are planning to use VLANs between the Cat6k switches to provide the firewall DMZ connectivity between the data centres.

Initially three DMZs are required (a firewall control channel and two DMZs containing servers). Clearly, providing completely separate DMZs, with separate switches, fibres (etc) would be expensive and would introduce single points of failure. However, we are using a separate pair of switches for the external connectivity from the ISP.

What are the risks of using VLANs for DMZs in this type of architecture? The DMZ VLANs would obviously not be defined on the MSFCs within the Cat6k switches, and is this similar to introducing a FWSM card into the switch, where LAN segregation would be achieved using VLANs.

The only likely issue I can see it is the potential of mis-patching or placing a server in the wrong VLAN, but change control procedures should mitigate against this type of error.


Re: Using VLANs for firewall DMZs

On top of my mind, I am not seeing any issues here. You will have to be carefully planning the VLANs for your DMZ and for the internal network. But I have one question. If a port on the DMZ is compromised, and hence the switch, the internal network will also be compromised? I am not sure if this is correct or valid, but just a thought. Can anyone see any other problem here. Is my question valid?

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Re: Using VLANs for firewall DMZs

Make sure that you use private vlans to provide security and isolation between ports on a switch. See the following link regarding security considerations and best practices at the L2 link.



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Re: Using VLANs for firewall DMZs

Apparently PVLANs aren't supported with the Firewall Services Module. It seems either PVLANs and a appliance PIX or Firewall Services Module and no PVLANs.

I don't know if this applies to VLANs secured by the FWSM or any VLAN in the same switch.

Can somebody confirm this please from Cisco

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Re: Using VLANs for firewall DMZs

private VLANs are supported in the same switch as the firewall services module but the firewall services module virtual interfaces don't support promicious mode in conjunction with PVLANs.

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