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New Member

Version 4 software install help

Can I start off by saying that it has been extremely frustrating getting any useful information regarding the version 4 software out of anyone. Including the TAC who also don't have a clue.


Version 4 IDS software

I can neither download it or order it on CD.

I can see the following in the v4 download area:


Readme for IDS 4.0(1)S37 Upgrades


BIOS Upgrade Readme


Required BIOS Upgrade for IDS-4235/4250 Sensors

I can also download the IDS-42XX-K9-r-1.1-a-4.0-1-S37.tar.pkg - Appliance Recovery Partition Image.

Can someone help me out with this it is driving me crazy...

New Member

Re: Version 4 software install help

The only way to upgrade to Version 4.0 is by using the Recovery/ Upgrade CD. With a SMARTnet contract this can be ordered via the Product Upgrade Tool (part number IDS-SW-K9-U or IDS-SW-K9-UPE):

If you do not have SMARTnet, the 4.0 upgrade CD can be purchased under Part number: IDS-SW-K9-U

Until you have taken this step, none of the files available on will be of use to you.

New Member

Re: Version 4 software install help

Thanks for the reply.

I have a valid smartnet contract.

When I enter in my smartnet code into the product update Tool it responds by saying there are no items available to order.

The only thing I can see is documentation through the product upgrade tool.

I have lodged this as a case with the TAC and also the contract centre but they are clueless, with some responses saying you can only download it and others you need to order the CD.

Is there a way I can use the recovery image to build a CD?

Is there any documentation around that suggests how to use the recovery image as I can't seem to find any. it is a tar.pkg file.

Is anyone actually running the 4.0 software yet?



New Member

Re: Version 4 software install help

I will look into problems you note with the upgrade tool.

Are you using the "Order Latest Upgrade/Recovery CD" link on the Cisco IDS software download page? Is your smartnet contract specifically for IDS appliances/software?

The recovery image is for use *with* the 4.0 release, and cannot be used to build a CD. The 4.0 documentation includes instructions for using the recovery image. The recovery image is used to upgrade/recover the Recovery Partition on a 4.0 sensor. The Recovery Partition can then be used to recover the Application Partition in case of corruption on that partition.

New Member

Re: Version 4 software install help

Definitely am using the product upgrade tool and entering my smartnet contract that is dedictaed to the Cisco IDS I have.

Message I get back is: There are no orderable upgrade products available for the Entitlement Number xxxxxxx. Click the following button to order documents.

Should I make another case with the TAC or with the CCO centre to try and fix things?



New Member

Re: Version 4 software install help

Please contact me directly so we can look into this further. We have not received any other complaints so far, so I suspect there may be a problem with your account. If you can send me your SmartNET contract number, I will try to see what is going on. You can reach me at:

Rusty Wassom

(512) 378-1490

New Member

Re: Version 4 software install help


I am having a same problem as you did. Were you able to order a CD via the Product Update Tool? If you were, would you mind sharing with me how you got it done.



Cisco Employee
New Member

Re: Version 4 software install help

The IDS 4.0 software CD is currently orderable from CCO under part numbers IDS-SW-K9-U (USD $5,700)and IDS-SW-K9-UPE (USD $0, with contract).

What problem are you having with getting the CD ordered?

New Member

Re: Version 4 software install help

The version 4 CD is not on the Smartnet upgrade plan/path. Cisco specifically exclude it from it. In other words, you need to get it (or order it) through your Account Manager. After you take care of P.O. or other arrangement with your Account Manager, he or she will do something and then you can request the CD from Cisco's website. Please prepare to pay a few thousands dolllars. You should start with talking with your Account Manager.

Cisco Employee

Re: Version 4 software install help

The version 4 CD is available on SmartNET for the IDS-4210, 4215, 4220, 4230, 4235, and 4250.

The version 4 CD does not have a separate part number, it is incorporated into the IDS-SW-K9-UPE part number at $0 charge for customers with valid SmartNET contracts.

If you have not kept up to date with your SmartNET contract then you can contact Cisco to renew the contract or purchase the CD as part number IDS-SW-K9-U.

Note the difference in part numbers. The $0 part number ends in UPE and is ONLY available through the Product Upgrade Tool, while the other part number ends in U and costs $5,700.

The IDS-SW-K9-UPE part number is available through the Product Upgrade Tool on CCO:

It is available for users who have valid and up to date SmartNET contracts on their sensor appliances.

One of the common problems I've seen is that a user will have a valid SmartNET contract number, but the tool reports that no updates are available.

This usually happens when the SmartNET contract number is not valid specifically for the IDS Appliance but may be valid for other Cisco products.

The SmartNET contract number is not for a single contract, but is rather a single number assigned to all of the service contracts purchased by a customer.

So if a customer purchases a switch, router, and IDS sensor, but ONLY purchases SmartNET on the switch and router. Then the customer does have a valid SmartNET contract number, but that number is only valid for the switch and router, and not for the IDS. So any router or switch updates would show up in the PUT tool, but no IDS updates.

If this is what you are experiencing then go to the Service Contract Center:

In the middle of the page is a link to "Login to SCC".

Select this link then enter you Contract Number.

The list of sites covered will appear, and then you can select the site to see which products are covered under that Contract Number.

If you don't see an IDS appliance, then either your SmartNET contract is not up to date on your sensor, or you have the wrong Contract Number.

Try the Quick Search near the top of the page. If you know the Serial Number of the sensor, you can try to search by Serial Number and see if there is a different Contract Number for that IDS sensor than what is on your other Cisco equipment.

If you do not see a Contract Number for your IDS sensor then contact Cisco (or a reseller) about purchasing SmartNET for your sensor.

If you do see a Contract Number for your IDS sensor, and trying that Contract Number in the PUT still does not show you the IDS-SW-K9-UPE part number, then please respond back to this forum, or email me directly.