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virus for console port !!!

Today we have noticed that two of our cisco products that had public IP addresses does not respond to console connection.

cables and connectors are checked and are not damaged.

using multiple computers we tested and the result was the same for these two devices. other devices that had not public IP addresses are healthy.

DRAM was changed. and again no improvements.

we have 3 switches (2950 series) and two routers (2621 and 3660) in our network. One switch and one router had public IP addresses and these do not respond to console cable connection. !!!

Have any body heard of such a problem?

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Re: virus for console port !!!

Have you checked to see if your DB9 adaptor says "Terminal"

Try to telnet / SSh in?

Try getting in through the AUX port?

do you get garbage or a connection prompt?

Hyperterminal set right?

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Re: virus for console port !!!

we get garbage through console port on switch and almost nothing for the router.

telnet works properly on these two devices.

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Re: virus for console port !!!

Hyperterminal settings tested for all kinds of terminal emulation and all baud rates below 9600. but none corrected the garbage out.

when typing we see garbage (for the switch) but commands are executed correctly by the IOS.

we have erased Flash: and reinstalled the IOS from the ftp of cisco. but the problem continues. the same kind of settings in Hyperterminal are OK for other switches in our network.

it seems that somewhere in Boot ROM something has changed.

Ethernet Ports work properly.

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Re: virus for console port !!!

how can I use the Aux port?

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Re: virus for console port !!!

Make sure the console jumper settings on the routers are correct.

info on this:

Telnet in and check the Line con 0 settings, remove and "exec-timeout" make

sure you have "login" Make sure nobody put a no access commmand on the console port. Your lin con should have just "password" and "login" get rid of everything else.

Next, if that does not work, then use the Aux port by setting your hyper term to flowcontrol hardware, speed 38400. and type terminal monitor(but not too sure, haven't done it in a while).

otherwise, I guess it is a bios or ios problem.

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Re: virus for console port !!!

The link and suggestion is extremely enlightening for me.

I will check for these, and so if the problem did not resolve I can conclude that a ROM or hardware failure should exist.

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