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VMS - Email notification stop working


The VMS email notification stops working after a few hours of updating the signatures from version S44 to S46. I'm not sure if there is a correlation between those 2 events. I've tried to tweak a few things like sending a test email from "blat" (which was okay), changing a different IP address of email server and then change it back... None of those help. I really need to have it fixed. Anyone has a solution?

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Re: VMS - Email notification stop working

May be this URL might give you more information,

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Re: VMS - Email notification stop working


I'm guessing your sensors are 3.x. I am just trying to get email to work and here is what TAC told me:

i had looked into the issue. the architechture has changed dramatically between 3.x to 4.x , hence the script is not working

for it was written for the 3.x architechture.i have pasted below some add ons for the script which might or might not help.

pls do try this and let me know how this goes :

the issue :

The thing is -on ("output nrlog") format will only give you postoffice alarms received from 3.x

sensors. The alarm format changed

extensively with the 4.0 sensors, and cannot be represented in the same format as 3.x alarms. If

you want to use this script with 4.0

alarms, you will have to modify the script further to pull data out of the IDIOM (XML) format now

provided (without the "-on" option).

This script appears to call the utility IdsAlarms.exe. The default output format for IdsAlarms.exe

changed from version 1.0 to

version 1.1. The default output format for version 1.0 was NrLog format,the current default is xml

(Idiom format).

To fix the script, line 111 needs to be changed to force output in NrLog

format (add -on).

From: system("IdsAlarms -s\"$whereClause\" -f\"$tmpFile\"");

To: system("IdsAlarms -on -s\"$whereClause\" -f\"$tmpFile\"");

you can try the above mentioned add ons , however it might or might not work .since there are a lot

of architecture differences between the 4.x and 3.x sensors major changes need to be added on to the

script . unfortunatley since these sort of scripts are not supported by cisco , we cannot make the

changes .also i am afarid we do not have any similar supported scripts.

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