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VMS Mass Signature update

Hi there,

I installed VMS MC, and want to do a mass signature upgrade to all my sensors. I have download the latest S49BIN file ( , I have followed the direction in the README.TXT file.

But some how it seems to miss step 6 and 7 of this file, I never get to choose what sensor I want to upgrade, once I click next it says that the VMS MC is upgraded only, and it DOES NOT upgrade the sensors.

Does anyone else have this problem, is there a way to fix it.

Here is an extract of the README.TXT



To install the version S49 signature update on an IDS MC, follow these


1. Download the appropriate MC signature update S49 ZIP file, or, to the

<install-dir>/MDC/etc/ids/updates directory on the server where

you have installed IDS MC from the following website:

2. Start IDS MC from the CiscoWorks2000 Server desktop.

3a. For version 1.0, select Admin > System Configuration.

3b. For version 1.1 and later, select Configuration > Updates.

4. In the TOC, select Update Network IDS Signatures.

5. Select a file from the Update File list box and click Next.

6. Select the sensor(s) you want to update and click Next.

7. Enter a password for each sensor in the table and click Next.

8. Click Finish.



Re: VMS Mass Signature update

Since mass upgrade is not working, I guess you will have to do this manually. Here are the steps to do the same:

Installing version S49 signature update on a 3.1 sensor:

1. Download self-extracting binary file IDS-sig-3.1-3-S49.bin to a directory on the target sensor. The same is available at You must preserve the original file name.

2. Log in as root on the sensor.

3. Change directories to the location of the downloaded binary.

4. Change the attributes of the binary file to an executable by typing the following:

chmod +x IDS-sig-3.1-3-S49.bin

5. Execute the binary file with the -I option by typing the following:

./IDS-sig-3.1-3-S49.bin -I

6. Review the file output.log in /usr/nr/sig-update for any error messages.

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Re: VMS Mass Signature update

Hi there,

Well I have upgraded all our sensor manually, BUT I really need to get this mass upgrade to work. We have a site with about 89 sensors, and it took me at least 3 days to update all of them. And I really do not want to go though that pain again of doing them all one by one.

Is there anyway that I can get the mass update to work?

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Re: VMS Mass Signature update

Did you try selecting the signature again? I think the first time it updates the MC, the next time if you select it, I believe it displays all the devices that can be upgraded. At least thats how my MC works. I only have one complain about mass update and that is I get an error where the blade gets updated with the new signature, but it hangs after asking for password. Anyone else have that problem?

Cisco Employee

Re: VMS Mass Signature update

What versions are your sensors currently running?

Steps 6 and 7 will not show any sensors if you try to update to the latest version without stepping through a required version.

For instance, S49 requires the 3.1(3)S31 service pack to have been applied to the sensors before S49 can be deployed to them. IDS MC performs a comparison against this to ensure the incorrect version is not attempted to be deployed.

Let us know.



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Re: VMS Mass Signature update


I had the same issue, when IDS MC is installed and the SENSORS have an higher Version than the MC.

If you than apply an Update , for example to S49 , IDS MC only is updated and there are no Sensors showing up.

What i recommend:

When installing the IDS MC, first upgrade IDS MC to the Signature Level at least of the sensors or even higher.

THEN, after the IDS MC upgrade, import the sensors.



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