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VoIP over VPN

I just wanted to know whether an VoIP can be installed on a VPN router. The router is 1760. I wnated to know what is the limitations by going for a solution like this.

If this above solution is possible the guide me with the product details also


Re: VoIP over VPN

No expert on VoIP but I am running VoIP over VPN. I see no reason why VoIP can't run over a 1760. I am running 2650s at the remote sites but as long as you can plug an IP phone into the router I can't see why it would not work. How many people/phones are you trying to connect via VoIP over VPN? What is your bandwidth at the remote site? I would think you are limited mainly by your bandwidth. QoS is very important as well. Give the guys here a little more info on what you want to accomplish and what your network looks like and the true experts will gladly chime in.

New Member

Re: VoIP over VPN

Thank u for your reply....Ther will be around 5concurrent users across two locations. The customer wants to put a VIC 2FXS card onto the router. After reading u r mail , i see that going for a VoIP Phone will be a better option. Please clarify this point..

Whether i can go infor a VIC card or an VoIP phone alone

Re: VoIP over VPN

well from my standpoint you are going to need more than just phones, a call mananger server for starters. Is this the route you are trying to go or did you have more in mind ike just being able to put some phones at each site behind a router and have at it?

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