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VPN 3.0.1 client and IPSEC 56 1720 Router


When I connect thru dial-up and launch my VPN Client on Win98, I'm getting authenticated (IOS) and there microsoft windows logon pops up, I;m not able to logon to my domain, if i skip and try to map some shared folders, its gives an error, check your shared resources name or server name, sometimes it gives me (you are not logged on) cannot connect error.

I dont have wins configured, hence i use hosts file and lmhosts also and i have entered my server ip address and netbios name.

I can see in my router that the ip address has been leased from my vpnpool, my phase 1 and phase 2 is correct, (by checking sh cryp ipsec sa, sh cryp engine conn active, sh cryp map) a few commands, i can do split tunneling, i can ping from router to the vpn client leased ip address. what could be the problem, I strongly feel its some resolution problem. Do I have to configure wins? any other inputs.

Thanks in advance


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Re: VPN 3.0.1 client and IPSEC 56 1720 Router

I have configured with and without wins on the server. The non-wins gave server login challenge but then locked up. With wins on the server it works fine and can browse files etc.

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Re: VPN 3.0.1 client and IPSEC 56 1720 Router

Thanks Howard,

I'll configure wins on win2k domain, and hope the problem solves.


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