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vpn 3.5.1 over satellite

I have a customer in Oklahoma using direcway satellite. She connects to my 3030 vpn concentrator, but after that she cannot perform anything. I can't ping her internal address and she can't ping the external address of the concentrator.

Could use some help.

Cisco Employee

Re: vpn 3.5.1 over satellite

Err, we need a bit more info than that to help you out. Do you see a yellow key next to the network lists in her VPN client status?

Do you see the Encrypted Packet count go up when she pings? Do you see the RX Bytes go up on her session under Monitoring - Sessions on the VPN3030? Do you see the TX Bytes go up? Do you see the Decrypted Packets count on her VPN client go up? These previous 4 counters will give you an indication of where the problem lies.

Are you doing NAT Transparency? If not, try that, the satellite link is quite possibly PAT'ing your traffic.

Community Member

Re: vpn 3.5.1 over satellite

no yellow key.

and looking at the concentrator all I see is her tx increment, I never see anything on the rx. and yes I am doing NAT transparancy.

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Re: vpn 3.5.1 over satellite

Also, check the MTU settings on this interface. I have been able to use 1300, but YMMV.. I have had a few users use DirectWay and it can be slower than ISDN for a vpn tunnel.

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