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VPN 3000 4.0.3 C MSI customization

I have been trying to follow the instructions in the 4.0 Client Administrators Guide for customizing the 4.0.3C MSI client, but when I open the MSI in Orca, and try to apply a transport, the tables don't seem to match up. For example, the guide says to use CsCoFile_OemFiles and CsCoFile_oempngFiles under Component for installing the and icons, bitmaps, and PNG files. However, these values don't appear under Component in the MSI.

Is the Admin Guide not up to date, or am I just missing something here? Can anyone provide some guidance on trying to customize the 4.0.3 MSI installers? Thanks.

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Re: VPN 3000 4.0.3 C MSI customization

The following URL takes you through a step by step process,

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Re: VPN 3000 4.0.3 C MSI customization


No !

That documentation assumes that you are using oem.mst, the only .mst that is included in the transform sample is oemsample1.mst. oemsample1.mst does not contain the referenced fields.... I've been searching like crazy to find oem.mst but it seems like mission impossible .. Can anyone give me some directions regarding where to find this file or some other hint regarding how to add the correct fields?


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