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VPN 3000 Event Log (Interpretations of)

I find when troubleshooting VPN problems I have a difficult time trying to understand what the event log is telling me in some cases. I have seen allot of error codes that I have know idea what they mean and there is also the famous "tunnel to peer closed, reason: None" . I would like to get "smarter" in understanding this event log and the various events and error codes but I have not found a "how to interpret VPN error codes guide" Is there any reference at all out there ??? Thanks for responding.

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Re: VPN 3000 Event Log (Interpretations of)

This is all I could find for troubleshooting logs on Cisco;s site but I know much of the error codes are used when you’re talking to TAC. I would suggest talking to them for troubleshooting your specific errors. You might even ask them to file a bug for better docs.

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