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VPN 3000, SSL VPN, and RDP

I'm running a VPN 3000 ver 4.7.2.I. I'd like to use Remote Desktop over the SSL VPN. I know how to set it up using port translation. But that only allows one user to get to one machine. I'd like to have multiple users be able to get to multiple machines. Is this possible or do I need to look at another SSL VPN product?



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Re: VPN 3000, SSL VPN, and RDP

The only way I was able to do this in the end was to create a separate port translation for every single server I wanted to give people access to. A royal pain in the butt but the only way I could find to do this. I was able to get the 7 poeple we have at a remote organization to get in that way. Multiple sessions really seemed to drag. When they would delete an RPC session it was a pain to recreate for the help desk since internally they did not have to put the port number after the server (IE: server:60000 for the redirection on port 60000).

In the end I was able to talk the remote company into letting us use the IPSEC client to get to the VPN and that was sooooo much better. It may not be an option for you but gave people a much better experience.

Hope this helps.


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Re: VPN 3000, SSL VPN, and RDP

Thanks Dave. We do use the IPSEC client for some things. We were looking for a way to connect without having to install anything on the remote machine.



Cisco Employee

Re: VPN 3000, SSL VPN, and RDP

Hey Matt,

You can go for Cisco SSL VPN client solution. It will be installed on the user machine, without much user intervention.

And will pushed from the concentrator.

You can go thru the docs available on CCO for the same.


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