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VPN 3005 Design


I have a VPN 3005 installed in a network - and am having some problems. I would be grateful for any assistance.

I have an existing Checkpoint Firewall-1 within my network and have placed a VPN 3005 on the private network (not using the public network card).

I have defined a static two way NAT entry on the Firewall-1 that allows direct NATd access to the VPN 3005 at the moment for all ports.

From a 3.5.2 VPN client, I can authenticate with the VPN 3005 (also running 3.5.2) and receive an IP address from the configured pool. Problem is though that I cannot then communicate (ping, telnet, anything) any device attached to the public network.

From the VPN dialler, I can see the encrypt packet counter going up, however no decrypted packets are received and that counter stays at zero.


- Is my config valid, or do I need to use the public interface as well? Does the VPN 3005 work in a "one armed router" type of config?

- I have tried allocating IP addresses from both the subnet allocated to the public network, and a new subnet which I set up routing for - neither works. Which is recommended?

- Any other pointers for things that I can look at?

Thanks. Barry

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Re: VPN 3005 Design

Below is a links with more information on troubleshooting connection problems with VPN 3000 Concentrator. This problem requires the aid of a network topology and configurations from your devices

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