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VPN 3005 sessions

Can someone provide input regarding Cisco VPN 3005 & VPN client sessions steming from same ISP sharing same IP address. Is this scenario supported?

Much obliged.


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Re: VPN 3005 sessions

Could you clarify this, is it two different ISP able to route the same address spce to your Corporate 3005? As long as the traffic comes into your concentrator and hits the same interface, ie normally your public interface, then this should not be an issue. The common issue on this is that one isp blocks either udp/500 or esp/ah and the other one permits it, that is why it seems to work through one ISP's route and not on the other.

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Re: VPN 3005 sessions

Thanks for your response. This is the scenario;

small 3 user office, small LAN setup via router/switch appliance to cable modem out to Internet. One Internet addressable IP address is shared by the users (cable modem). One user can stay connected indefinitely, however, if another user tries to connect the original connection is terminated. Event log logs termination as user requested. Are you aware of any workaround for hosting multiple sessions stemming from same IP? Thanks much.

Re: VPN 3005 sessions

An 8 port 3002 Hardware client should solve this problem. It will allow multiple PC's to connect to the VPN but only use the one public IP address from the ISP.

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