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VPN 3030- DHCP Network Scope Option

Has anyone been successful in getting the DHCP Scope option to work? This is a new feature of version 4.0.1

Cisco Employee

Re: VPN 3030- DHCP Network Scope Option

I tested this in my lab and it worked fine, and I'm assuming the developers tested it also (at least I hope they did :-) )

Make sure you enter an IP address in this field that is in the network of the scope, but not in the scope itself, other than that there really shouldn't be anything to do. For example, if the scope is -, then enter into the field under the Group properties.

The concentrator puts this address in the giaddr field of the DHCP request packet, and then the server should assign an address from this network scope.

Actually I just looked at the help file and it tells you to put a subnet into this field, but I believe that's wrong. Try what I suggested and if it works let me know and I'll look into getting the Help file changed.

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