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VPN 3030 interface seems to fail to respond

I have a Cisco VPN 3030 (T-1)connecting to a remote office that has Cable internet access, at the remote site I have a Cisco 1751 Access router. What seems to be happening is the Public interface on the VPN 3030 seems to stop responding to pings and trace routes 1-2 times a day, the sessions show up and you can VNC into that office but dhcp seems to stop along with pinging and trace routing, also they drop their network shares. If I reboot the VPN 3030 it is ok and works great till the next time. I have went over the logs from the router and 3030 and see no errors. Any ideas?


Re: VPN 3030 interface seems to fail to respond

Hi there,

What I am guessing is, someone in that subnet could be proxy arping for concentrator's public IP address. When this thins happens again, log on to the Internet router ( router directly connected to the public interface of the concentrator ) and ping the public ip address of the concentrator. If that fails, check the arp table on the router, and make sure that it has the right mac address

Hope that helps


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