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VPN 3030 user requirement for 3.6.7 or 4.0.1


Just need to know what is typical concurrent users for Cisco VPN 3030 running version for 3.6.7G or 4.0.1 as I will be upgrading the VPN 3030 from 2.52 to the following version.

Based on datasheet, it mentioned 1500 , but need to verify on the memory issue (default 128M) to run following version.

Concern on the performance on the Cisco VPN 3030 running VPN 3030 with the following client (Linux, Windows) for telnet, ftp, email access.

Please advise what is will be the baseline for users for default 128M

Any recommedation and advice will be greatly appreciated.


Re: VPN 3030 user requirement for 3.6.7 or 4.0.1

I feel it is safe to go by the figures associated with the concentrator model regardless of the software version. I believe so because all the documentation I have come across talks about the maximum number of concurrent users wrt the concentrator model only (and not based on the software). The 3030 is capable of supporting 1500 simultaneous users.

Another thing, if at any point you find the performance of your 3030 not to your satisfaction, you could simply opt for an upgrade to 3060, which is as simple as adding additional memory and SEP modules. By doing that, your encryption thruput of 50 Mbps (3030) will double to 100 Mbps(3060) and the number of simultaneous users supported would jump to 5000.

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