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VPN 3030 - using DHCP to assign IP to vpn client .. (address management)


I wonder if anybody has any experience set up a VPN 3000 conc. to use

DHCP server to assign IP for VPN clients...

My VPN 3030 has DHCP Proxy enabled, so it's doing dhcp-relay... However, the

packets that I sniffed has VPN's MAC as Client Hardward Address. And in the

Vendor Information Tag... there is a "Client Identifier" which began with

the VPN's MAC and some other number in it...

Is there a specific DHCP server software I need?

thanks in advance!

Kevin =)

Cisco Employee

Re: VPN 3030 - using DHCP to assign IP to vpn client .. (address

Should be ok. What is not working? Are you getting an address for the client when it connects or not?

The VPN concentrator would proxy arp for the vpn clients, so that what you would see as the mac addr for the client connection would be the VPN concentrator. You could turn on the DHCP event to see the dhcp request go out. There really is no need for a special dhcp server software. I've tried even just using MS DHCP server.

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