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VPN 3060 O/S Ver 3.6

I upgraded the OS on our 3060 from 3.5.4 to 3.6. People complained they could authenticate fine, but unable to do anything more. After experiencing the problem on my laptop, I noticed that "Packet Decrypting" remained at 0 and that the "Packet Encrypting" was increasing. This was happening with VPN client 3.5.2A and with VPN client 3.6.

The only option I knew was to change the 3060 OS back to 3.5.4 and reboot. This seems to have cleared it up.

Does anyone know of any issues or have a better fix than a reboot for this?

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Re: VPN 3060 O/S Ver 3.6

i've seen this on and XP laptop. i upgraded the os on a 3030 to 3.6 and upgraded my client to 3.6. could connect fine, but could not run outlook or IE. if i browse the network, or leave the connection sit fo more than 10 minutes, i can run outlook fine. but just after connecting it seems i have no dns resolution.

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Re: VPN 3060 O/S Ver 3.6

Hi ,

I am facing the same problems with ver 3.5.2a on a Cisco 3030. The client connects but cannot ping even the private interface of the concentrator.Cisco web site has only 3.6.3 and 3.5.5 as the images available to download. Were you able to find anything further on this problem ?



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