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VPN and TrueVector

Ok just got Vista and I am underwhelmed. I use VPN to hook up to my work machine. I just installed VPN that my work gave me. I started getting error messages that TrueVector's drivers were blocked due to an incompatibility issue with Vista.

I am guessing that Cisco's VPN is using the drivers. TrueVector is working on an update. Do I have the latest version of VPN? Is this a known issue for VPN? Are there work arounds?

Thanks for your time answering my questions up front.

Here are the error messages from the log book

1 18:24:19.342 04/25/07 Sev=Critical/1 CVPND/0xE3400003

Function SocketApiBind() failed with an error code of 0xFFFFFFF7(f:\temp\IPSecClient\0021\PubKeyPK\SRC\ike-init-state.cpp:402)

2 18:24:19.343 04/25/07 Sev=Critical/1 CVPND/0x63400012

Unable to bind to IKE port. This could be because there is another VPN client installed or running. Please disable or uninstall all VPN Clients other than the Cisco VPN Client.


Re: VPN and TrueVector

I think TrueVector drivers are used by Zone alarm. For your problem try to install VPN4.8.02-MSI version, it may work.

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