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VPN and AS400 Sessions

I have a VPN 3000 Concentrator with a site to site VPN to a 1720. At certain times of the day users will lose some of their AS400 sessions, but the tunnel does not go down and their other sesion are fine. I say if the tunnel stays up everything is fine on my side, but I can't convince the AS400 people of this. Any ideas?

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Re: VPN and AS400 Sessions


I think you need clarify what the AS 400 traffic is different with other application traffic. Is it TCP or UDP traffic or something else ? and also the packets more than 1500 bytes or just small packets. The AS 400 session have some sort of the keepalive and they think the remote no keepalive response and drop the session or something else?

I think you might need a syslog server and packet sniffer to get more information to see what is the real issue is.

Normally it should not be VPN's problem but might related.

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Re: VPN and AS400 Sessions

There is a telnet timeout value on the AS/400 that will timeout telnet sessions after a specified period of inactivity although users other than the VPN users would be affected by this. I'm with you on this one. We do this same scenario quite a bit and don't have any problems at all.

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