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VPN and FTP: Problems

I have a site to site VPN setup with Cisco/Altiga VPN concentrators and I'm having issues with FTP through the VPN. Unix boxes work just fine, but NT fails. I know unix uses passive ftp and nt uses active, but that really shouldn't matter here. Any ideas???????

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Re: VPN and FTP: Problems

Are you using any filtering mechanisms? as in access list or firewall ip filtering?

if so then I think it could be that NT "is" using active FTP!, because in active mode, when the remote (client) end wants to send a file it tries to open a TCP connection to ports above 1024 on the local (server) machine instead of ftp-data (20). This means you can't restrict these TCP connections without breaking active FTP.

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Re: VPN and FTP: Problems

No filters. Traffic is open to all. The only thing i can think of is that maybe the VPN concentrator, being the security conscious entity it is, drops packets because the ports change. Just a guess.

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