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VPN and linking remote sites

Main office has a local network running all systems under 10.10.10.x. They have a main server, and seperate mail server, with the mail server having 2 network cards on and This in turn is linked directly to an ADSL router and provides the web and email access required.

This net work has a dedicated VPN box (BTnet Equip) with an address of and it can be pinged through the LAN with no problems.

The workstations have ficed ip, and a gateway pointing to the mail server, as well as the browser, though this is set to the

A remote site has been set up, but the Internal LAN is set to 10.10.11.x and the VPN box is set to

Now..... and heres the question at long last.... If I try and PING the bix, I get nothing, so I would also assume that if I try and ping any of the 10.10.11.x workstations I will get the same problem... I had BT check the VPN site was running and THEY can ping the box.. but I cannot....

I know I'm missing somethign really basic here, but for the life of me (and pressure I' under at the mo.) I just can't see what the hell I'm doing wrong.


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Re: VPN and linking remote sites

Well, I had no option but to figure it out myself!

The first problem was the BT router in the main branch was not linked and working corerctly, I needed BT to fix that.

The next problem was no ping of the branch lans... a bit of head scratching and..... I had not set the deafault gateway on the main machine required to the router on the main site.

Now have a central mail system running, and full control from one branch.

Lovely when it all works.

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