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VPN between two sites

To whom it may concern:

Our objective is to connect two offices. One office has a windows 2000 server and 5-6 pc's and the other office has just 3-4 pc's (no server). In order to connect these two, do we first need a dsl line in both places and then a VPN router, in the office with server, or do we need a VPN router in both offices? Do we need a special VPN DSL line or just any old dsl lines (w/ enough transferring speed of course) will do? Basically the question I am asking is how and what do I need to set up this scenario.

Another question is that once this vpn is implemented. Can I connect to it from my home office? Because I have cable (i.e. Road Runner) at home. So what do i need to do to connect from home the main office?

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Re: VPN between two sites

Been there... done that. One of the biggest Q's when deciding what type of equipment to purchase is; The remote office that has the 3-4 pc's, will this office have a printer and will the other office need to be able to print to the office with the 3 - 4 pc's. If you say yes, then you absolutely need VPN routers at both ends, if not, you COULD get away with using a 1700 series router. However, if you wanted to VPN from home you could use the IRE SafeNet client with IOS 12.1(1)T, 12.1(2)E, 12.1(2). ADSL is OK, fractional T1 much better and cable is great for home use.

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