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VPN Cable Modem <--> DSL Modem

Is it possible to create a VPN via IPSec between a customer with a uBR924 router connected to a CATV provider and a Customer who is connected to the Internet with a DSL 800 router?

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Re: VPN Cable Modem <--> DSL Modem

Sure it's possible.....Both the uBR924 ( and the 800 series ( support VPN IOS according to these links. I would say it’s a standard VPN configuration even though I’ve never done it. The only problem is, if your cable provider installed the modem, they might not let you into it to configure it and they probably don’t support VPN’s from it (split tunneling has to be configured too for your normal Internet traffic to go out normally) so you might have to use the VPN client software instead as a tunnel end point.

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Re: VPN Cable Modem <--> DSL Modem

You may also have issues with NAT/PAT, again this will depend on your ISP's implementation of the cable setup. Some DSL connections have 20-30 users on one legal IP address at the DSL gateway.

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