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VPN Client 3.1 / SmoothWall 0.9.9 se / Cisco 3015

I have been connecting ok with vpn client 3.1 to a Cisco 3015 running (apparently) pretty much as standard. 'Simply dial my ISP, (dynamic ip), fire up the client app' and we're away.

I have been toying with puting in a firewall and having a spare system collecting dust, installed Smoothwall 0.9.9 se with all the updates.

I can get a secure connection to the 3015 but that's it. I can go no further with logins to the remote systems. The connection status tab reveals that I'm getting zero packets decrypted. This has got everyone scratching their heads at the remote site and due to time zone differences, we're having trouble catching each other to try and get on top of it.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Cisco Employee

Re: VPN Client 3.1 / SmoothWall 0.9.9 se / Cisco 3015

Is Smoothwall doing NAT? If so you either need to turn on IPSec thru UDP on both concentrator (on the group section) and client or use IPSec thru TCP (global config on the concentrator).

See related items on CCO on this:

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