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VPN Client 3.5.1 and Verizon DSL and XP

I have 4 users (myself included) that have Verizon Online DSL as our home ISP. Each computer also is running Windows XP and uses the built-in PPPOE. To acces our Cisco 3005 VPN , we are using Cisco VPN Client 3.5.1. There is a strange problem that happens in this type of setup. If the VPN client software is intalled on the computer, not running or even configured, the users cannot access certain web pages such as web based e-mail (eg. Yahoo, Netscape) or use cretain web-based apps (eq. Quicken). What they usually get is "Page Cannot Be Displayed". Now here's the crazy part: If I uninstall the VPN client software (remember nothing was even configured) , they are fine, and can access the above webpages/apps. I have tried a few different things based on tech suggestions. I've tried setting the MTU to around 720, I've tried disabling the Cisco VPN Service under "Services", but none of these suggestions have worked. Can anyone here help?????


Re: VPN Client 3.5.1 and Verizon DSL and XP


Only suggestion I'd give you is to try and download the 4.0 client when it becomes available on CCO, coming friday.

Does this apply to you, CSCdw60990, check it out.



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Re: VPN Client 3.5.1 and Verizon DSL and XP

I downloaded 4.0 yesterday and it seemed to work. I am going to try it on the other computers today and check the results. Thank you for your help!

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