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VPN Client 3.5.1 and WinXP Pro

Installed VPN client v3.5.1 onto a WinXP Pro workstation. After the client software was installed the fast user switching feature on XP was disabled. They removed the VPN client software and the fast user switching feature was available. Any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: VPN Client 3.5.1 and WinXP Pro

I think this is an undocumented feature of 3.5.1 and XP. I've heard of this problem numerous times on other groups. I have not heard of any fixes for it.

Hope this helps

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Re: VPN Client 3.5.1 and WinXP Pro

The moment the WinXP box thinks (and with VPN it is) it is part of a domain then the fast user function is disabled. I have seen that for myself and read that in the Mark Minasi book "Mastering Windows XP Professional".

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Re: VPN Client 3.5.1 and WinXP Pro

easternme, Sorry to tag onto your message but I am experiencing the same problem here with the user refusing to allow the Client to be installed until this has been resolved!!!!!!!

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Re: VPN Client 3.5.1 and WinXP Pro

I found this registry hack in a post back in November '01. I had the user try this and it worked great. Hope this helps

Warning!! Only edit the registry if you are

comfortable doing so. Making an editing mistake in the registry can make your PC unreliable or unusable.

1. Run Regedit (from the Start menu, choose Run.. type

REGEDIT and click OK)

2. In the left pane, click once on "My Computer" so

you are at the top most level of the registry

3. Go to the Edit menu and select Find.. Type in

GinaDLL (case specific) and click on Find Next. It

should find the following registry key:

My Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows


with the following value under it:

Name Type Data

-------- --------- --------

GinaDLL REG_SZ csgina.dll <- this is what the Cisco VPN Client adds

4. Delete the entire value "GinaDLL". (IMPORTANT!!

Make sure you don't delete the entire key called

Winlogon!!!) Windows XP does NOT contain a GinaDLL

value by default.

5. Exit from the registry and reboot the computer.

Upon reboot, you should see the Welcome screen and

after logging in, you should see the Switch User



This will work for people who don't use the "Start

before Logon" feature but for those that do use it,

the "Start before Logon" feature will use what we call "fall-back mode" which is not as elegant as when the Client's csgina.DLL is installed.

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