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VPN Client 3.5 IP address across tunnel not correct

We are having a problem with Workstation VPN Clients where users are trying to use Xceed via Xstart and seeing as the client does not create and adapter and leaves the original local address in place Xceed attaches that address rather than the Concentrator assigned IP Address to the packets.

This causes the Sun boxes to respond to an address that does not exist. Thus never displaying the X window. Does anyone know of a workaround?

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Re: VPN Client 3.5 IP address across tunnel not correct


I have run into this problem as well. My users are using Starnet X-Win32, but the solution should be the same for any PC X terminal program. The client (tunnel) ip address is printed by the "vpnclient.exe stat tunnel" command.

The following three lines parse the address out and put it into an environment variable called "clientip":

@echo OFF

"c:\program files\cisco systems\vpn client\vpnclient.exe" stat tunnel | find "Running on" >%TEMP%\clientip.txt

for /f "tokens=3" %%i in (%TEMP%\clientip.txt) do set clientip=%%i

You should make this into a BAT file and run it every time a VPN connection is established - it would be nice if there was a way to specify an app to run AFTER a connection is established. Then just pass %clientip% to your X program when opening a connection.

I'm still looking for a more elegant way to do this. If somebody has one, please post it.

This was tested with Client 3.6(rel) on Windows 2000 SP2

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