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VPN Client 3.5, Win XP, and ICS

Trying to install VPN Client 3.5 on home machine for telecommuting purposes. Setup will not install stating that "Internet Connection Sharing" must be "Uninstalled". I have gone through the Network Connections and set what I think to be the proper settings. Could really use some assistance. AOL IM id, JAMESSPOWELL or Yahoo IM Boatpalx4.


Re: VPN Client 3.5, Win XP, and ICS

This is thus far undocumented during the software install but you also have to disable the built in firewall that XP has with it. It should work fine after that.

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Re: VPN Client 3.5, Win XP, and ICS

James - not sure if you have your answer yet, but here's where you find the settings for the internal firewall on XP:

Right click "My Network Places" icon, select properties

You should see on this screen a "Local Area Conection" item listed. Right click on that line, select properties

(You may see multiple newtorks here, like if you have multiple nic cards as with a docking station or even dialup etc that may need to be disabled)

On this next window, there are three tabs, select advanced.

Here you should see "Internet Connection Firewall" listed, and a check box that says something like "Protect my computer..." If checked, un-check this box. This will disable the XP onboard firewall functionality.

When doing so, please make sure you have this system behind some type of firewall protection like a Linksys, etc. so you are properly protected.

Hope this helps...


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Re: VPN Client 3.5, Win XP, and ICS

Many thanks for the quick response to my problem. Worked like a charm once I disabled the XP Firewall protection. I am using a Linksys Router so hopefully I am covered. Thanks again.

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