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VPN client 3.x to router, then out to multiple subnets

I'm looking for information on how to have a pc on the internet running the VPN client 3.x (currently running 3.6) to connect to a router. The client will need to send encrypted traffic to the secured private network as well as other private networks that exist beyond a router on that secured private network.

Ideally, I wanted to be able to have a vpn client connect to a pix then go back out through the same pix to different VPN's that are connected to it, but I found a doc that says that isn't really possible. Since there are going to be many subnets, this might be a problem.

The option I'm thinking of now is to have the client connect to the router then from the router out through the pix to the various VPN networks available. I would populate the router with route entries on how to find those VPN networks, but I can't seem to figure out how the VPN client will be able to secure the different networks and send them to the vpn router instead of placing all traffic on the internet.

We also need to have the VPN client access the Internet at the same time.

We are hoping to get away from using a VPN concentrator due to the expense (frugal startup).

Any help would be appreciated.

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Re: VPN client 3.x to router, then out to multiple subnets


Cisco just started supported the Cisco VPN client v3.x to the Routers starting 12.2.8T version of IOS software, the Sample for doing that can be found at:

So I think what you wanted you will get with this,

Hope this helps,




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Re: VPN client 3.x to router, then out to multiple subnets


Any ideas on the access of those different subnets beyond the router by the VPN client?


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