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VPN Client 4.8 and Windows File / Print Sharing

Hi All,

I use the Cisco VPN client to connect to my office network, and after installing it and connecting sucessfully, I appear to have lost some functionality on my home network.

My machine and the other machine on the network have retained their connectivity to the router (they can ping it and access the wider internet), however they appear completely unable to communicate with each other - they can't even ping each other.

Additionally (and really annoyingly), my other machine now cannot access my shared folders on my main machine (the one with the VPN software). If I attempt to access the workgroup on my other machine, I get the message "The list of servers for this workgroup is not currently available" - I also cannot browse directly to my main machine by machine name or IP address.

I'm not expert at this sort of thing (i'm a web developer, not a sysadmin), so i'm pretty stumped. My apologies if i'm posting in the wrong place but this has put me in a bit of a bind. I'd be grateful for any help, and i'm happy to provider further information if necessary.


Jamie Condliffe

Cisco Employee

Re: VPN Client 4.8 and Windows File / Print Sharing

Hello Jamie,

You do not have split tunnel configured on the office network gateway. You have to request the sysadmin of your company to open up the access to your network in the split tunnel.

Split tunnel is nothing but telling the VPN client what to encrypt and what not to. Currently while talking to your home network you are using encryption that's why nobody is able to see you. Your routing table will have VPN Client adapter as the default gateway on the PC.

Nothing is in you hands.


New Member

Re: VPN Client 4.8 and Windows File / Print Sharing

Hi Vikas,

Thanks very much for responding to my query.

Am I right in thinking that this problem will also occur when I am not connected to my office VPN / running the client software?

Also, I am able to access the internet and also FTP to another box on my home network; which suggests that some network activity is possible - as I said, however, port forwarding has stopped working as has SMB.

Just checking before I complain to our hosting manager!

Many thanks,

Jamie Condliffe

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