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VPN Client Connection Issue

Recently I have upgraded a user machine, running Windows Xp SP2, from VPn client version 4.8.0... to the newest The uninstall and re-install went fine. Now with the new client I am getting this error:

"Secure VPN Connection terminated locally by the Client. Reason 442: Failed to enable Virtual Adapter."

I have tried the suggestions in the release notes to ensure the adapter is enabled and to modify the registry for the arp settings. Rebooted and still no cheese. Anyone else run into this or have any suggestions?

Thanks in advance!

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Re: VPN Client Connection Issue

Getting same message, if you get help, help me too. Thanks.

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Re: VPN Client Connection Issue

I opened a Tac case and the summary is as follows:

Assign your virtual adapter a static IP address. This will prompt you to restart your machine. Restart. After windows comes back up windows will see the IP address and repair any uncompleted items that it may have missed when the VPN client was installed. The VPN client should now be working.

Note: The IP address that you assign the virtual adapter shouldn't matter according to TAC, however in case your wondering while talking to them they suggested using and address of with a netmask of .

Hopefully that helps, I know it helped me.

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