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vpn client and vmware


Our issue is that we need two vpn sessions from a laptop to different sites at the same time. We solved that by using vmware, and that worked fine with vpn clients prior to version 4.0.3. We started first a vpn session from the guest OS in vmware and then we started a second vpn session from the host OS. And that worked.

But after the upgrade to 4.0.5 and later the above doesn?t work any more. i.e as soon as the vpn sessions is started on the host OS all the ip connectivity from the guest OS is lost. Is this normal ? How can I achieve to run two vpn session from my laptop at the same time?

Thanks in advance for any tips.

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Re: vpn client and vmware

Two clients can connect to the same head end from the same location as long as the clients are not both behind a device performing PAT such as a SOHO router/firewall. Many PAT devices can map ONE VPN connection to a client behind it, but not two. In order to allow two VPN clients to connect from the same location behind a PAT device, enable some sort of encapsulation such as NAT-T, IPSec over UDP, or IPSec over TCP at the head end . Generally, NAT-T or another encapsulation should be enabled if ANY NAT device is between the client and the head end.

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